General Information


Başkent University Distance Education Research and Application Center was established in December 8th, 2011. The Center conducts implications regarding distance education, deliverance of different academic programs via distance education techniques and Technologies, practical and theoretical research in this field and  the sharing of this research.


The centre bears an active and effective role in reaching a wide audiance by its education eliminating time/place limitations using life-long learning philosophy with the courses provided. Our mission is;

  • To provide pedagogical and technological support for units in planning, developing and implementing programs pertaining programs that are conducted with distance education in the university;
  • To establish information flow and coordination betweeen different units of the university that take role in distance education implementations;
  • To provide in-service training programs for faculty and administrative members who will participate in developing content and conducting distance education;
  • To plan and support the efficient usage of the current distance education framework in different projects related to distance education activities.


Our vision is to enhance the quality and quantity of applications of distance education applications with regard to educational demands and innovations in information and technology in our country and the world within the scope of that these innovations provide to educational field; for the purpose of enhancing efficiency to provide pedagogical, technological and developmental support for the stakeholders in transforming formal education courses into distance education without compromising the learning objectives.


Cooperation: The faculty member actualizes coordination between different units and participants that work in distance education processes.

Flexibility: The faculty member in distance education is sensible with regard to the needs and expectations of the university and the students and plans and organizes accordingly.

Creativity: The faculty member has an approach that  adopts discovery and forward-looking solutions, implements new approaches in active learning environments and carries the gained experiences to the future

Integrity: The faculty member is responsible, transparent and participatory.

Sharing : The activites directed towards sharing and transfer of information are supported. Discussion environment for sharing studies and suggestions about  usage of distance education Technologies and pedagogy is created.

Research Area

As center, one of our mission is to do scientific research in distance education field and share this research. In this scope, we are doing research primarily but not limited to the following topics:

  • Contemporary technologies in distance education
  • The perspectives of students and teachers in distance education
  • The legislation for founding distance education program in our country
  • The arrangement of institutions towards found distance education programs.
  • The preparations and roles of teachers in distance education
  • Content development and standards for distance education
  • Design principles for educational materials
  • Student-teacher communication in distance education